About Us

About Us

The NRoute Journey

You don’t change your life by focusing on the finishing line. You change your life by beginning with small steps.

Satva Biotech’s NRoute addresses the lag between the availability of path breaking and revolutionary products in the areas of Energy, Health and Nutrition in the western world, and their entry into India, by inculcating atomic/tiny habits. An atomic habit is a regular practice or routine that is not only small and easy to do but is also the source of incredible power; a component of the system of compound growth.

As a brand we help them commence on the journey of switching to a healthier life. Doing tiny little things like a scoop of protein a day or a pill of benevolent natural heart friendly extract can lead to big positive changes. As a brand, NRoute is not talking about pushing limits. It is about making them believe that they are in control of their life one daily ritual at a time.


The core values of Satva Biotech revolve around Quality, Purity, and Surety. Acutely aware of the fact that these products are consumed based on trust in the firm, Satva Biotech would always endeavor to procure, process (if required) and pack them in their most pristine form for the consumer to be sure of its efficacy. As these products are processed from natural sources, the company would value the beliefs and sensibilities of the Indian consumer before introducing any product.

No corner would be cut nor any compromises made on the quality front because for the consumer to trust the value of the product the company would need to value their trust


With NRoute we want customers to embark on a journey towards good health with us.

We are nudging them to do tiny little things  every day. Things that are quite doable.

We are shifting the focus from them to the  “insufficiency” of the regular food. The  story that consumers are already telling  themselves is that regular food is not  enough. It lacks nutrients. We leverage this  belief and give them a convenient, easy  everyday fix to address this issue.

NRoute doesn’t want people to be  overwhelmed with health. We want people to see how small steps  can lead to big changes.

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