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Vegan Plus Plant Protein

INR 850.00INR 2,300.00

Super Whey

INR 1,450.00INR 2,700.00

Super Whey is a path breaking, first of its kind combination of purest protein blended with highly potent curcumin called BCM-95® which is 7 times more absorbable than ordinary curcumin. That is benefit of a proven and well researched turmeric extract which offers a host of benefits from mood and stress support, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, breast health, kidney support, heart health and joint support. Each 30 GM scoop of Super Whey, has 20 GMS of pure protein and 500 MG of BCM-95® a potent fortification with all essential vitamins and minerals.

Raw Whey Protein

INR 800.00INR 4,875.00

Raw Whey Protein is 24g of protein per 30g serve with no additives and no flavourings, only pure protein whey concentrate from a high-quality source allowing you make a protein shake of your choice or if you want to try something different, add it to your porridge to give you a protein kick at the beginning of the day. With Raw Whey Protein, pay only for 100% of protein powder and 0% flavouring making it a ‘purer’ way to get your daily recommended protein dose.

Plant Protein For Kids

INR 950.00

Natural protein derived from lentils (tur dal) and chickpea (kabuli chana) and milk is easy to digest with no side effects NRoute Plant Protein For Kids is a complete protein with all 9 essential Amino Acids Contains Carnitine that plays

Nutribox Starter Pack

From INR 240.00

(Please choose any 3 packs and thereafter in multiples of three)

NRoute Shaker

INR 300.00

Easy to carry, spill-proof shaker, ensures a lump-free mixture every time. Makes mixing easy – add protein powder, BCAA or other supplements, add water, shake it well and drink it, wherever you are.

  • Key Benefits:
  • Secure screw-top lid, makes it spill proof
  • Easy to carry, time-saving and convenient
  • Easy to wash
  • Made of good quality material

Mass Gainer

INR 1,275.00INR 2,850.00

Bulk up the right whey with protein + carbs NRoute Mass Gainer is free of all “nasties” Improves muscle tone and strength while you bulk up It ensures you gain mass in a balanced and healthy way


INR 1,400.00


A desire to have a lean, lithe and supple body with ideal body fat content sometimes draws us to dubious so-called “fat burners” for weight loss, with undesirable consequences. Now there is a proven, safe and scientific option available, that is L-Carnitine supplement.

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound our body produces that helps convert fat to energy. NRoute liquid L-Carnitine, available in many lip-smacking flavours, helps reduce fat stored under the skin as you push for that extra rep or run that additional mile.

Isolate +

INR 1,650.00INR 7,275.00

Isolate+ is 24g of protein per 30g serve, with an advanced absorption formula, that helps quickly enhance muscle growth and strength. It contains more protein, fewer fats and carbohydrates than whey protein concentrate, assists digestion of protein for those having mild issues with its consumption. Infused with DigeZyme®, Isolate+ improves efficiency in absorption of essential nutrients, eventually providing an opportunity towards maintaining good overall health.


INR 850.00

Glutamine is the most abundant but critical amino acid in the body with multiple functions and roles such as: Making proteins for muscle tissue aiding in muscle growth and recovery post a workout. Acts as a fuel for cells that

Daily Whey Protein

INR 1,275.00INR 5,850.00

Daily Whey Protein is 21g of whey protein concentrate per 30g serve which helps you to fill the protein gap within your regular diets. Our body constantly uses up protein and does not store it, and therefore it needs to be replenished every day. In other words, Daily Whey Protein gives you a protein boost to do more today and every day in two flavours of your choice: Chocolate and Vanilla.

Daily Whey

INR 100.00

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