Plant Protein for Kids

When diets are deficient in any component, macro or micro, supplementation is warranted to avert any physiological imbalance which could have avoidable consequences. This gains more significance in the growing years of a child when his / her physical and mental attributes are determined. Ideally, a growing child’s daily diet should suffice for optimal development but that seldom is the case.  Protein is a macronutrient that is vital

Inflammation and Pain

Pain is a phenomenon which has been prevalent in the animal kingdom since life evolved on the planet. Just that humans can describe it, animals cannot. Inflammation as a condition is more recently added. Its understanding has been concomitant with the unravelling of the immune system and its intricacies. The question that springs to mind is how are the two related? Is it a chicken and egg conundrum?


Fats or lipids have been much reviled especially in modern times of social media and body shaming. People have been randomly shunning fat-laden items from their diets to acquire that elusive “shape” while sweating away in gyms. Is this wise and how does this impact the body biochemistry in the long run? Before we go further a brief, basic understanding of fats, its types and categories would be

What are Bioactives? – Hear it through ‘The Turmeric Tale’

Long before science could delve into and decipher the pathways and modes of impact of different foods on the human body, it was purely observation based. Various therapeutic systems, each culturally diverse, have tones of recorded compounds that work in different ailments or maybe even for general vitality and wellbeing. In these foods, which could be roots, shoots, leaves or animal parts, lay the active remedial compounds. This

The Sweet truth: Not all sugar is just bad

“I have a sweet tooth” some proclaim, almost with pride. Sweetness is the most preferred taste amongst all and virtually every child is weaned on it. Sugar, or cane sugar to be precise has been used as a sweetener for daily use, for generations. Sugar (sucrose) is a simple carbohydrate being a disaccharide composed of 2 monosaccharides, glucose and fructose. For human consumption sucrose is extracted and refined

Dear Seniors, you do need your Protein!!

Advancing age and retirement mandates a paradigm shift in most aspects of life including mundane ones. The elderly, shielded from the daily grind, while letting their hair down and reminiscing their salad days often tend to ignore some critical precautions. This can be detrimental, even if in a silent manner. One such area is their diet and more specifically their protein intake. Protein, that precious soup of vital

Protein consumption any different for women than men

We live in a time where the gender divide is being bridged steadily with women shattering many a glass ceiling to achieve parity with men in most activities. What was hitherto a no-go area for women is now open. Obviously in brute strength, men will prevail owing to a larger stature and more muscle mass, but women can and are seen increasingly weaving diet and exercise in their

Fake Vs. Original

Ersatz art, imitation apparel, faux leather and even fake news the list is endless. If there is something that sells and leading companies have joined the bandwagon to establish brands in that product category, imitators will jump in. Now, if any of these products are to be ingested, the perils can be scary, such as in fake drugs, eatables, drinks or dietary supplements. Let’s today deal with a

Proteins- which? How much? When?

Diet – Metabolism-Energy-Activity, this forms the basic paradigm of human existence. The individual aspects though may vary within limits from person to person. Diet, in its content is comprised of the same macro and micro nutrient albeit offered and consumed in different forms. The former taken in as carbohydrates, proteins and fats or lipids and the latter forming a host of vitamins and minerals essential for sound health.

Ma, where’s my protein?

The near ecstatic feeling a mother experiences on holding her new born for the first time they say cannot be described. The culmination of all creation is the baby she holds. A lot is dreamt about and many plans made. Some into the future and some to be implemented right away. Among the latter is the baby’s diet. From the first few hours of its life, when the

Granny hits the gym

Steeped in science and logical rigour most of us tend to ignore, or at times even deride traditional wisdom. This trend seems to be more pronounced in healing. But, even the most cynical amongst us will accede to Grandma’s remedy of warm turmeric milk for a sore throat. Turmeric, the mainstay of many Ayurvedic preparations and an ingredient of make-at-home remedies has been widely studied for its therapeutic

Raise the bar, one more rep

There is no denying that the importance of exercise has been recognised today as an inalienable part of a healthy lifestyle. Cutting across strata’s, in different age groups, more and more people are taking to some form of activity to ramp up the heart rate.  Parks are full of walkers; beach fronts are teeming with joggers and yoga enthusiasts are rolling out their mats. And of course, gyms