“When you stretch every sinew and push your body to its edge in the gym or track, there’s discomfort, inflammation and maybe even pain, it is a natural consequence. Introducing RECOVER to bust the cliché of no pain, no gain by addressing the issue of muscle soreness, fatigue, and possible pain. RECOVER is a unique formulation of Boswellia Serrata (minimum 40% Boswellic acids), a highly bio-available Curcumin extract, and a potent Nitric Oxide enhancer in the form of red spinach extract. Now raise your exercise endurance while eliminating physical distress with the revolutionary RECOVER.”

Joint Health@300x

Joint Health:

Pain-free and supple Joints are of great significance
when undertaking strenuous workouts, the Boswellia
extract and curcumin ensure your joints do not creak
and are well lubricated.

Anti Inflammatory @300x


Whenever the body is subjected to physical stress there is inflammation,
which has uncomfortable consequences. Here again, the Boswellia
and Curcumin act as potent anti-inflammatory agents, reducing

Pain relief@300x

Pain Management:

The general progression to any exercise program is light to intense to
aerobic to anaerobic to VO2 max. When you reach the last two stages there
is lactic acid accumulation in the muscles which results in muscle pain.
RECOVER helps prevent lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

Exercise Endurance@300x

Exercise Endurance:

The red spinach extract in RECOVER leads to enhanced Nitric
Oxide levels which results in the opening of blood vessels allowing a
gush of energy and enhanced exercise endurance.



To avoid muscle loss amongst senior citizens, some form of resistance
training is recommended. Arthritic symptoms might at times prevent some of
them from undertaking it. RECOVER would help them immensely in such an endeavor