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Feel that stimulant-free surge in vitality derived from natural ingredients to elevate your workout to the most pleasurable activity of the day. Pep-Up is a unique pre-workout formulation that is based on science. No more caffeine or sugar or any other nasties, Pep-Up promises clean energy and pure vitality

No more dragging yourself to the gym floor, stride forth with gusto and enthusiasm with a few sips of Pep-Up. Blending a patented bioactive extracted from Red Spinach (Amaranthus) with L-Arginine

Pep-Up is a unique pre-workout that delivers an instant energy rush that sustains through your workout ensuring higher endurance and increased vitality. This potent combination elevates the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body, leading to opening of blood vessels allowing for more supply to the brain and muscles.

Totally caffeine free, sugar free and stimulant free, Pep-Up is completely non-addictive. It is available in multiple flavours like Raw Mango. Guava, Lemon, Cola and Watermelon”. It helps in reducing stress level too.


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