Raw Whey Protein

INR 800.00INR 4,875.00

Raw Whey Protein is 24g of protein per 30g serve with no additives and no flavourings, only pure protein whey concentrate from a high-quality source allowing you make a protein shake of your choice or if you want to try something different, add it to your porridge to give you a protein kick at the beginning of the day. With Raw Whey Protein, pay only for 100% of protein powder and 0% flavouring making it a ‘purer’ way to get your daily recommended protein dose.

Plant Protein For Kids

INR 950.00

Natural protein derived from lentils (tur dal) and chickpea (kabuli chana) and milk is easy to digest with no side effects NRoute Plant Protein For Kids is a complete protein with all 9 essential Amino Acids Contains Carnitine that plays